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Art of Objects

  Like a tide, the flow of accumulation in the apartment rises and falls. We work together to empty the space by carrying things out and by the next time I return there is something new in its place. Her neighbors periodically weed through their possessions and leave items someone…


Magic of cases

  0 AOL cds this month. Most of these came from one household in Brooklyn, and from a drop box I have at work. When I laid these out to photograph them, I was struck again by how much packaging, and thusly, waste, associated with these damned things. For more…



How many AOL cds have been created and sent out into the world? More than 660 million, according to Jonathan Miller, head of the Time Warner Internet division Fun statistic taking that number into account… Over this year, I’ve gathered about .00000517878787% of the total amount of AOL cds…


Yellow Things

Introduction The installation is what it is and I don’t wish to explain it. It has an effect that I find very satisfying, and that is well enough left alone. On the other hand I was asked to write a brief essay as part of the application to be included…